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November 20, 2010


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First of all I love the signing in mechanics - that's what I expect from any respectable blog.

Secondly, e-mails, when I'm in a flow, are less expensive for me than a human interaction. It takes me about ten seconds of a face-to-face contact to break the flow, while I can withstand about four minutes of e-mail typing without much damage. When in flow I prefer to kick out an e-mail every fifteen minutes - it gives me short breaks without loosing the concentration and prevents people from flocking around my desk.

Eugene Jorov

@FireAphis: What you are describing here is a higher state of awareness when you know yourself enough to make the right choice. From the very fact that you can share some numbers I conclude that you are acutely aware to how much time you spend and on what. Your personal methodology flows from choices made out of self-awareness, what could be better?

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